Mercy Center



An East-West Meditation Program


Meeting Quarterly on Saturdays
Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter
11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Mercy Center




UPDATE: The Spring May 30, 2020 meeting has been canceled due to Mercy Center's temporary closure.


If you would like to share your own haiku on the theme of "Clouds & Sky", please Email Mark Werlin.


We hope to meet again at Mercy Center on August 8, 2020.


About the Haiku Kai

Do you enjoy reading or writing poetry? Do you find yourself drawn to contemplation in nature? Have you ever read haiku and felt an interest in learning about this form of poetic expression?


If you would like to learn more about haiku as a contemplative practice, visit the Four Seasons Haiku Kai. Founded in 1999 by Fr. Thomas Hand, S.J. ("Hando"), the group meets on four Saturdays – once every season – in January/February (Winter), April/May (Spring), July/Aug (Summer), and October/Nov (Fall).

At each meeting, we share our own haiku, as well as classic and modern haiku. A collection of poems by group members, Haiku Realms, can be purchased at Mercy Center bookstore. New participants are always welcome. There is no advance registration required to attend meetings.

Email Mark Werlin for more information.

Click below to read a recent meeting report. Inclusion in a meeting report does not constitute publication.

Read Winter 2020 meeting report


Learn More

If you would like to read about an approach to haiku that was developed by Fr. Hand, we have compiled a guide in an easy-to-print PDF format. Click below to read or download the guide.

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The Haiku Path

The haiku path can be an extension of meditative or contemplative practice. A haiku poet seeks union with nature, an experience of non-duality, from which the haiku poem arises naturally. Contemplate even ordinary things and events closely. Let yourself become one with that which you contemplate; then express your experience in three short lines.

the puddles on the pavement
carry the moon, the stars
and cherry blossoms

About Hando

Fr. Thomas Hand, S.J., founded the Four Seasons Haiku Kai, and was the founding director and resident teacher of the Mercy Center East-West Meditation Program.

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Haiku Websites

Haiku is practiced and studied throughout the world. Of the many Haiku poetry sites on the Internet, these have been especially recommended by members of the Four Seasons Haiku Kai.

Haiku Society of America

Haiku Poets of Northern California

Modern Haiku


Contemporary Haibun