Mercy Center



Returning to Mercy Center Burlingame



Mary Waskowiak, RSM, Leadership and Spirituality Services. Sister Mary returns to Mercy Center, where she served as Director in the late 1980's, to share her passion for leadership development and spirituality.


She enjoys locating these disciplines at the "intersection" of formation in life and Spirit and at the "intersection" of coaching and spiritual direction.


Mary's background includes sixteen years in elected leadership with the Sisters of Mercy. During that time she also served a three-year term in the Presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.


She has visited more than 25 countries and served as presenter and facilitator in 12 countries. Mary speaks English and Spanish.



Bernadette Hart, RSM, brings her gifts as a skilled teacher, spiritual director, and group leader with experience in elementary schools, parish work, hospital chaplaincy, assisting elders, and vocation ministry.


We are pleased to announce that she joins our Sacred Journey team this year.


Sister Bernie completed the Spiritual Direction Institute at Mercy Center, where she sees people for spiritual direction. She leads the Cancer Prayer Group, and assists with retreat events and programs.


Her leadership of the annual Invitational Retreat for those who live in shelters, informs her presence with those who are challenged by life's many transitions.