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Living at the Intersection of our
Infinite and Finite Natures
In a Time of Uncertainty


A Virtual Retreat with
Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Ed.D

  •  Connect in Community virtually, on two consecutive Saturdays, April 25 and May 2
  •  + Material for self-reflection and supported Personal Retreat from April 26 to May 1


Registration was limited to 30 participants




New times are calling for new responses. The Deep Living Institute and Mercy Center are collaborating on this new virtual retreat experience.

Living in this time of profound uncertainty means that we bump up against a whole range of never-before experienced circumstances without a roadmap. Living into and inhabiting the uncertainty with its many accompanying discomforts, anxieties and pain and, yes, its blessings, call us forth to deepen our spiritual work.

Join us in this new 8-day retreat experience as we gather virtually for two live virtual days of learning, reflection, small group work, and companioning each other in this new world. There will also be recorded teachings, meditations, and personal reflection experiences to support you pre and during personal retreat days.


You’ll receive:

Pre-retreat materials to help you prepare for this new retreat experience

10 hours live contact time with Roxanne and Deep Living Coaches for experiential processes to deepen your work with this emerging body of work called EnneaCrossings™


Approximately 2 hours of recorded teachings to review prior to and/or during the retreat


Personal reflection time


Guidance for your personal retreat time (Sun-Fri) supported by daily meditations

Registration is limited to 30 participants for this virtual retreat. 









Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Ed.D., is founder and Senior Faculty of the Deep Coaching Institute and the Deep Living Institute. Her recently published book which became a #1 International Best Seller is Deep Living with the Enneagram:  Recovering Your True Nature (revised & updated).  She authored Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change, and is working on her next book based on EnneaCrossings™.

The Deep Living Coaches who are supporting participants in this retreat are members of the Deep Living Institute’s core team.  They are highly experienced in the work of Deep Living and have their own unique areas of expertise.


More information available at





Week of April 20


Receive retreat preparation materials including links to short videos introducing the retreat leader and Deep Living coaches, guidance for preparing for your personal retreat, videos to watch on your own schedule that provide foundational teachings for Day 1 (April 25) of the retreat, and retreat handouts.


*Note:  Personal time listed in the schedule below will include suggestions for personal reflections, watching a video for the upcoming session if you have not already done so, and self-care. 


Saturday, April 25


9:00-11:30          In Session
11:30-1:00          Personal time
1:00-2:30            In Session
2:30-3:30            Personal time
3:30-5:00            In session


Personal Retreat time


Sunday, Apr 26 - Thursday, April 30


Receive links to meditations
Plan to spend at least 20 minutes/day in personal reflection


Friday, May 1


Receive link to videos with foundational teachings for Day 2
Plan to spend approximately 90 minutes reviewing teaching material


Saturday, May 2


9:00-11:30          In Session
11:30-12:30        Personal time for experiential
12:30-2:00          In Session
2:00-2:30            Personal time
3:00-4:00            In Session





Registration for this retreat is now closed.




Please read our cancellation and refund policy.