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Writing Your Life:
A Continuous Thread of Revelation
A Guided Autobiography Retreat
with Liz Dossa and Bernadette Hart, RSM

August 23-25, 2019
Begins Friday with dinner at 6:00pm
Concludes Sunday at 11:30 am

Registration is now closed. Please call
(650) 340-7474 to go on the wait list.

"This is your life, joys and sorrow mingled, one succeeding the other." Catherine McAuley

In Guided Autobiography we affirm our lives, finding satisfaction in telling our stories, touching our joys and sorrows and in them we find a continuous thread of revelation. The weekend is an invitation to write, reflect and share. Both those new to Guided Autobiography and those who have attended previous sessions are welcome.





  •  Respond in writing to themes which help us gather memories
  •  Enjoy quiet time to reflect on the stories in our lives
  •  Share in a supportive small group as we are comfortable
  •  Listen responsively to others' stories
  •  Participate in reflective prayer



Liz Dossa is a certified Guided Autobiography instructor and has led Guided Autobiography at Mercy Center, Marian Oaks Life Center, and other programs on the Peninsula. For more information about Liz and work with Guided Autobiography, visit her website:

Bernadette Hart, RSMis a skilled teacher, spiritual director, and group leader with experience in elementary schools, parish work, hospital chaplaincy, assisting elders, and vocation ministry.  At Mercy Center Sr. Bernie sees people for spiritual direction, leads the Cancer Prayer Group, and assists with retreat events and programs.






What I liked most about the Guided Autobiography class was getting to know and share with the other members, allowing me to open my heart to the story I have lived.

What I liked most about the class was the openness, the non-judgmental, safe environment, the participants, the leader! Just about everything!

Guided Autobiography changed how I felt about some of my experiences, because I could see them as part of a larger whole instead of as isolated events.




Overnight registration includes:

  •  Single bedrooms; dormitory-style bathrooms; kitchenette on each floor
  •  Locally-sourced fresh produce, soups, salad, vegetarian and meat entrees
  •  Guests are welcome to bring foods to supplement our meal service
  •  We cannot provide all-vegan or special dietary menus



Registration for this reteat is now closed. Call (650) 340-7474 to go on the wait list.





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