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Being Loved, Becoming Whole:
Living Inside Divine Love
An 11-Day Online Retreat with
Spiritual Director Colette Lafia

June 17-27, 2019
Eleven daily offerings
Registration fee - $40

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the retreat:

We all long for love, and Divine love is the most generous, compassionate and healing energy that exists. Divine love is a becoming, not a static landing place. We are invited to experience this love in its perpetual flow and connect to it — even in the hectic pace of our daily lives.

We don’t have to look outside of ourselves for a sense of worthiness and belonging, because these come naturally to us as the beloved children of God. The more we can embrace Divine love as our true identity, the more we can claim our true purpose in life—living not only in love, but through love, and as love.


In this retreat, we will explore:


  • How to become more consciously aware of the Presence of Divine love
  • How to become more open to living in the flow of God’s love
  • How to let Divine love become a healing force in your life

During this 11-day online retreat, you’ll come to see yourself as a manifestation of Divine love, cultivate a deeper connection to the love that you are, and awaken to the wonder of seeing everyone and everything as an expression of this all-encompassing love. 

Participants will enjoy:


  • Reflections and Wisdom Teachings to awaken to the Presence of Divine love and to your true identity as love
  • Prayers and Practices to invoke the healing energy of God’s tender love and mercy
  • Visio Divina to engage in the sacred practice of praying with  images
  • Community Exchange through Colette’s guided facilitation
  • Guided Meditations narrated by Colette




Colette Lafia

Colette Lafia is a writer, spiritual director, and workshop and retreat leader. She’s the author of Seeking Surrender, and Comfort & Joy.

Colette has a passion for helping people connect more deeply with the presence of the sacred in their daily lives and blogs about it at:



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