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Beyond Duality: Consciously Participating
in the Evolutionary Movement toward Union

with Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Ed.D


March 31 - April 2, 2017
Begins Friday 6:00 pm (dinner)
Concludes Sunday after lunch


$300 Overnight / $250 Commuter

Spirit is calling to us. Evolution is happening. Perhaps you sense its urging around and within you. Simultaneously, we are faced with the challenges of life, internal and external tensions, local, national and global uncertainties. It may feel as if you and the world are going backward. Many ask the ancient question, "how can I be in this world, and not of it?" How do I access, nurture and sustain contact with the spiritual "I" that lies deep within, connecting to the Eternal?

The EnneaCross™ is the integration of two powerful ancient symbols of conscious awakening: the Enneagram and the cross-cultural cross. This integrated symbol points to important dimensions of our hidden experience--including both obstacles and paths to our Essential Nature.

In this retreat, we will explore important turning points along the spiritual journey--reflecting on deeply held dimensions of the ego that give the illusion of separateness and struggle that reflect duality; and exploring portals for surrendering ourselves to the" divine milieu," -- to Love and the Mystery of Being.

Roxanne will offer brief talks and extensive experiential practice. Our sessions will include individual reflection, partner inquiry, somatic discovery, silence, and group dialogue. Ultimately, this work supports the primacy of love, compassion, and awe of the mystery of Being.


Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Ed.D., is the founder of the Deep Coaching Institute, an internationally accredited, presence–based Enneagram coaching school, and of the Deep Living Institute for spiritual and life practice. She is the author of Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change (2007) and Deep Living: Transforming Your Relationship to Everything That Matters Through the Enneagram (2013).




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  •  Single bedrooms; dormitory-style bathrooms; kitchenette on each floor
  •  Locally-sourced fresh produce, soups, salad, vegetarian and meat entrees
  •  Guests are welcome to bring foods to supplement our meal service
  •  We cannot provide all-vegan or special dietary menus


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